Friday, May 8, 2009

Animal rights

i blorgged on this topic on da behalf of the unimaginable effort by the people of furry friend farm to evacuate those innocent dogs, exhiled to a swamp island in pulau ketam. it was an accidental sight where i found the link to this story. more on

though dogs are forbidden in islam, but animals of whichever form neva eva eva eva deserve this kind of treatment. the story goes as the stray dogs issue in pulau ketam is rather uncontrollable. and out of a sudden, gone all the dogs. out of sight. which is inviting to a mystery? where did they go. fly to the moon??? dogs dun hav piloting licence ahhahahaha.

the reporter and his or her friend i dunno sorry yek went on a mission to discover the painful truth behind the lost of the strays

just imagine the dire condition, if you throw me to that island, i will last for few hours and die flat. with the presence of oh soo poisonous beings and stagnant condition where you cant even stand up still, imagine dogs, force to live there. and out of nowhere, there's a puppy?? on a tree?? thats unlogical for that poor creature to be on that swamp!!

and look, those other unfortunate dogs. ade yang nampak macam baka2 yang cantek2. thats not stray. thats a pet!!. evil asses!!

this is sabrina, one of the people from furry friends farm which i linked at the bace this blorg on the right hand corner of this blorg. if i were there, i will cry and the only thing that i can do is just pray, like what she's can only afford to do. the boat cost them a dime since the island is on a remote region. barbaric, truly barbaric.

This is the dog that they managed to rescue on their first mission there. its a puppy. a she puppy. i would like to congratulate those who dumped the canines to this island, for the wonderful job you have done, without even think of the consequences. good job. next time,just empathise and be thoughtful of what you have done. oops sooryy, u are lacking of brains that functions. that why you commit this kind of sin.

a complete narration from the source of the story:

Fri, 08/05/09:

Another long day. Another beautiful sunset. Another dog saved. I am happy. Sabrina is happy. Grace is happy. Volunteer Donald who donated 10 new cages, accompanied us on this trip.
He was given the honour of naming our new family member. He called her Grace.

Grace swimming from Hell Island into our arms.

Kuning swam into a floating fish farm a few weeks ago. The kindly Indonesian workers adopted him and another abandoned black dog imaginatively named Hitam :) A diet of mainly seafood gave their coat a healthy shine. They have since grown quite attached to their saviors.

If you are unable to help directly, please help by forwarding this appeal to other compassionate folks who you feel might be able to make some monetary contributions. Apart from boat hire, we need money to buy cages, to pay people to help catch them, to hire land transport to send the rescued animals to veterinary clinics, pay for vet fees, send the recovered ones to the shelter and to feed and house them for life. I can go on! To contribute or help, e-mail TV Smith at or Sabrina Yeap at or

Send contributions to Furry Friends Farm CIMB 1457-000-1182-05-6 (Current Account)
*For online interbank transfer, if it prompts for Recipient ID/Business Reg: Just type in 5766
Contributors from abroad (and Malaysia) can also send by PayPal to
Please retain transaction record / slip for verification and audit purposes.

The Rescue Mission Secretariat at +6012 378 3730 (Janet) or +6012 320 8090 (Zalina)
The Sec's E-mail is

Fellow bloggers, you can also help by embedding this appeal poster on your blog and linking to

You can follow the progress of the rescue via the updates here.

p/s: this cruelty is happenin in my own country, my malaysia. damn. never knew this peace and loving country could turned out to be Iraq and Palestine to animals

if any of the narration carries any faulse facts, my apology, i was too drifted by the emotions

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Anonymous said...

errr.. since when??

its a good effort anyway. good job!

Faisal Admar said...

jom rescue!

btw, cool template ;)