Friday, May 1, 2009

on gettin mara loan

soory to old readers since the scope of topics that i nid to cater from now is expanding, just baca la my blorg and dont run away, coz i will kill ahahhahahahaha

ok class lesson time.

i heard that lately mara has freezed the piloting loan for new batches, which i got soo fuckin freakin out that i thought even those who alreadi earn it will be freeze! arrgh alhamdulillah dats not gonna happen. during this time of the century with the recession and everytin, its tough, especially for the airline industry which is to be compared to other industries, not soo makin money. obviously la kan.

if they airlines themselves not capable of hiring neu cadet grads, just imagine for those seekin for loan to do piloting, even there is not enuff room for us the cadets now to settle down with piloting job. i heard from senior of batch 19 who just graduated last week, that even the batch 6 that graduated mighty long long time a go havent started flying as a commercial pilot. coz they'r bonded under cadetship program kot. sooo lucky privaters like me, we own the liberty to path our piloting career, which sama je malap since wat my instructor said, the industry has dirts on pilots, too many to be hired.

tips for those pilot hopefuls, marry sumone rich and fork his/her pocket to pay your piloting fees ahahahahahahaha

next post, life when seniors have left the building

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