Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm a fattenin pilot on the go

From 65Kg to 73Kg in less than 3 month!

i know i gained like hell alot of fat. and yes its a recent discovery which is soo uninviting. living in my condition of life right now which is supposed to be a healthy lifestyle of living, since durin my med check up the doctor did warn me that i inherited unwanted diseases from my parents. and now i gained weight. which is alot. let me tell you how it happens.

pity me tau. first few weeks of my life here is soo pathetic. here is in langkawi. starting neu life, no real frens, even food is soo foreign to me, which i dunno why coz i'm a pelahap. trust me during the first 2 weeks i cant even finish a piece of fish. now you feed me anything, i will just balun everything

i can feel it, my waist is increasing in size, even my belt is tellin me i'm in need to cut off my extra meals, which happens from 2100 hours onwards. arrghhh!

i can feel my belly now, growin n growin. when i'm infront of the mirror, i imaginin myself 3 months pregnant. ugly!!! no passenger in the world would fly with a fat pilot. Ya Allah i need to diet!!

here's a true story. my senior, which is soo nice tapi recently grad and abandoned me, he got selected for cadet pilot program under sponsorship. but he didnt lepas his med check up at first coz he weighed 130 ++ kg. and within 6 months, he downsized to 90 kg. want some prove?



dear hijaz, i kno u'll kill if you found out but i'll guarantee the world that you are the safest pilot for anyone be onboard a plane

serious i do mean what i said since he got 98% for this final flying practical!!! psycho rite???

and to all overweights, and overweights goin to be like me, dun down urself, u can still be a pilot. which i'm dat motivated.

boriiiiiiiiiiiiiingnyer asyik ceriter pasal piloting. trust me pilot got no life. yet i'm doin it rite now

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mOhD^.^rAz said...

betol ke xde life?
apa pun..
gud luck

@xiM said...

u're not gaining weight if you eat and do some exercise..just eat and tidorrr konpem badan naik ler..

CATZ said...

hi..nice blog...
found ur blog while blog walking..

Eezwan Hijaz said... i wont kill you my fren, I would like to say thank you very much instead. To everyone passing through this blog that's me there in the picture Then (left in white T-shirt) and now...