Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Comeback

ok i wanna blorg now, after chains of boring days, i finally able to fly!!! yes my name is on the schedule and yes i'm flying. wat more shud i say?? i'm flyin!! and on da way to complete 42 hours of PPL flying.

i dun really wanna get into details as not many will be interested on it.

the reasons why i posted this blorg on wongga:

  1. Mama already complained about me lacking of interested to keep blorggin ahahahahaha
  2. and..... miss wahida requested a topic!!! woohooo!!!

What do you think about your preparation for your future career?

the answer is very simple, as i'm doin CPL course which is commercial piloting course to become a commercial airliner pilot, obviously my future career goal is to become a commercial airliner pilot! dats it. straight forward answer. ahahaha

but still there are some things that haunt me everynite. not really haunt me. but in a way, when i was 17, i would kill to become a flight steward, not like others who aim for money, for me, wat drives me to become a flight steward is to be able to serve people and have opportunity to pull trolley bag everyday to work ahahahahaha. but Alhamdulillah since my rezeki is in piloting, i really working hard everyday and keep on tawakal to step up my performance in this course from day to day. what i dislike is that some cadets are just playing arrogant. would it be nice if everybody come and gather together, holding each others hand and declare peace, soo that aviation industry will be filled with humble people??? just a thought.

p/s: this morning, there were 4 eagles lying dead on langkawi runway, suspected to be hit by aircraft. boleh mama say dat i'm da one who murder those poor thinggies? ahahhahahah

6 pujaans:

mr.clean said...

tahniah r bro..da terbang da ko.nnt ble r bw aku fly..huhu.-zul unisel shah alam-

IEQAZM said...

dan , ntah ntah mmg kau yg langgar burung tu tak ? haha :D

arlina said...

bestnyaa boleh fly. can u fly with me now? haha

m u r n i said...

alhamdulillah~ andanye plane leh angkot org gemok cam i tak? ahahah :P

YaNa said...

thank God 4 je. kalo lbeh nnty nyesal xsudah ko. ;)

YaNa said...
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