Saturday, May 2, 2009

HELP!! i'm in need for confidence boost!

this happens to me thruout my life here in langkawi. arrghh. as you kno i'm doin piloting course now and yes it is a physics laden program, which i love.

but i dunno, recently, not so recent la everytime i wanna learn neu stuffs like physics though i undastand, i cant made any output since my brain got saturated to explain any theories and facts!! bukannye saturated nk blaja tp saturated to answer question on dis and dat. arrghh. Ya Allah pliz help me Ya Allah

people might think, Romie Pujaan whose always on the limelite and not afraid to stand out differently like doin striptease in the middle of a crowd, actually suffers from lack of confidence within. he may be the one willing to sing and dance like a drunk ass but deep inside he never dares to make a stand on what he's doin, especially in class. if the subjects is more humanitarian like management and psychology, i'll not offer other people the chance to speak out. and yes it happened b4. but now when i'm doin somethin technical, i got stammered all the way down to the grave!! arrrghhh

coz i support the way of living life where nothing is fixed and opinion is based on the perspective of an individual, now doin sumthin technical, u have to go with the standard, accuracy plus minus zero. i'm always afraid of any explanation on any topics like theory of flight (sorry to seasoned readers as this post is rather dry) i will be as quite as a pig, no no pig is noisy, as quiet as a quite person ahahahhahaha.

plis anyone plis is dare any cure to this disease?

i nid to pray harder to Allah s.w.t

4 pujaans:

CATZ said...

Hi Romie,

ada sesuatu yang menggaggu minda Romie lately?..sehingga Romie hilang focus dan rasa amat tepu?
saya bukanlah orang yang terbaik nak beri nasihat..cuma sekadar pendapat.
eh..sebelum tu..i jeles lah u kat langkawi, coz i always thinking that, bagusnya if i could stay or work in Langkawi..ehmm...bestnyaaaa..
coz i simply love Langkawi..a perfect place for vacation!

ok..berbalik kpd isu tadi, takde benda yang senang dalam dunia my opinion lah. maybe u rasa apa yg dipelajari itu susah. Tapi saya rasa itu boleh dia atasi jika u faham betul-betul apa yang dipelajari. U takde masalah on management subject tapi on technical one ada sedikit masalah. Benda technical ni kdg teorinya pun susah nak faham..he-he-he.So kena faham betul-betul teori, lebih bagus belajar berkumpulan (if ada kawan), dan cuba buat soalan2, cuba jawab. Benda2 management u boleh hafal dan jawab ikut common sense tapi tehcnical adalah atas facts semata. If u faham + hafal formula etc, Insya-Allah boleh buat. U rasa terlalu saturated mungkin sbb u risau, asyik terlalu memikirkannya. Jgn set di otak benda itu susah, sebab i akan terus jadi susah. Tenang sket Romie, i'm sure u can do it..

eh...bestnya..pilot wannabe...
kalau lah i boleh jadi mcm you..syoknyaaa..
btw, good luck!!

cik murni izar said...

nah! amek sket my confident~ eh, nak banyak pon bole~ sure pas nih confident gilerrr...~ kan kan kan~ :)

Wahidah said...

salam ziarah...well di mana kiter pernah ketemu tu??? hehehe..wah pilot to be yea...unfortunately tk prnh naik flight lg la..hehehe..all da best kay..chillss

RuNNi said...

Alah..everybody has breakdowns... wutever the case is... chin up n remember ur mission- 2 b a friggin good pilot.... any mountain stopping?? TNT it babe.. i know u can.. ;)