Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tangki Air

This post has been long due. Kesian post ni. Being neglected. Ahahaha. It’s a post LIMA update and based from my pengalaman of this year’s Lima, I can’t wait for the next one in 2011. most of the cadets here said “ arrghh nothing la this year’s LIMA, same airshow je, exhibition inside also same only”. But my time during the event was freaking fantastic!! Dah dah sudah. Remember me for being thrifty for not paying for the entry pass ahahaha. If you really go there for the airshow, tak payah la. Buat saket leher je. You can only see the aircraft taking off and land. Nothing much. Soo membazir je. But I got it for free ahaha. Jangan marah.

Even for those yang nak datang langkawi, and planning to naik the cable car to see the view, people said its more worth it to go to top of Gunung Raya, the Gunung Kinabalu Langkawi. But the perjalanan to gunung raya, masyaAllah memenatkan. Drive along the hill for about 20 minutes. Makan minyak, dah la langkawi ni tak banyak petrol pump ahaha.

Senang cerita, to get the nicest view is from where the terror strikes, where the dark water lives ahahaha. It’s…….. from the ………water tank. Water tank???

See how eery the water tank ( the story of this very photo is available at the pengakhiran of the post ahaha )

Ok jom mule kan perjalanan kite untuk menikmati pemandangan indah, secara percume ahaha

Erm, less glorious entrance. Being abandoned for years ahaha

Ok the hell starts from here. 7 darab 16 = jumlah anak tangga. Memang menggayatkan.

Since I have copyrighted this, my trademark. The Retarded Face ahaha. Memang penat kot, this pose was natural. No olok – olok. Suddenly I felt like this dizzy sensation. Wanna know?? Continue reading!!

Ehhh from where did secara tibe – tibe Choo climb up the stairs????

Memang canwhore ahahaha. He’s 25 by the way. Sapa – sapa yang berminat sila facebook saya ahahaha

Ehhh now I realized there’s the tasik teratai layu di pulau madu muahaha. I gonna release the tortoise given by a senior tomorrow.

Ahah! The view of the airport!! See I told you. The best view. But I never snap any photo of the beach from here ahahaha.

I have no idea why I snap this photo. It shows that I ……. Accomplished sumtin?? Ahhaha. Mind my mouth and gigantic gum ahaha.

Ahah the view of the hostel. Mane – mane budak perempuan yang nak spy bakal – bakal pilot, sile lah ke sini.

This was the cause of the dizziness. Jangan duduk lama – lama ye adek2. nanti saket, xdpt jadi pilot ahahaha. Cabin crew je la ahahaha.

Gunung Raya, the everest of Langkawi. There’s a resort at the peak. Quite sejuk up there. Mesti korang tatau kan, but I know ahaha.

Eh eh, is that a bird, or a plane??? ( padahal tau je tu Singapore airforce tengah buat show )

Crowd building up. The tower can’t hold much patron. Soo ambik giliran ye.

Killing the time by snapping the gambar of the kampong belakang college

Some people say I’m adorable ahaha please reconsider hahahaha

18SX. For the sake of the blorg. Sexay sexay ahahaha

The event where the helicopter and the jet try to make love. Sounds soo unapropriate

Getting closer……

Starts liking each other

things start to get hotter and intimate ahaha

The climax ( yeahh ahaha )

Ok not all love last the lifetime. They decided to split up. Sebab helicopter tu main kayu tiga dengan… whoever laaah ahahaha

Very – The – Thrilled face after seeing a divorce in front of his eyes ahahaha

The less hell journey back to the ground

p/s: I did managed to land back to the ground alive. Vote me as president. Tetibe ahaha


What actually happened when I was typing this post:

CAUTION: I’m not lying. Seriously it happened

It was late pass 12 am. Padahal baru pukul 12.30a.m ahaha. I can’t sleep. My roommate already dead on the bed ahaha. So since I got nothing to do, I decided to blorg on this post. Switched on the laptop. Decided not to switch on the light for being sensitive to those in need for rest. Chewah ayat ahaha.

To prevent me from tertidur while typing, I played Hairspray on the background and didn’t even watch the movie ahaha.

See the first photo on top, where I purposely edited the tangki air photo to give that spooky effect?? When I was typing the description of that photo “ dengan niat to make it sound like soo spooky”, then I heard like someone whispering. More like a woman’s voice.

I was listening to a musical movie, takkan ade bunyi hantu kot. The sound was very discrete, very soft. I was wearing my earphone pulak tu.

Orang selalu cakap, kalau bunyi suara misteri kedengaran sangat perlahan, kemungkinan….. dia berada sangatlah dekat…..


Ape lagi, off teruslah laptop, and tidor with the study lamp on ahahaha.

Terpulang kepada yang membaca. This is like the second time it happened. To me.

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nazmi said...

kau tak basuh kaki lepas turun dari tangki air tuh...

Faisal Admar said...

haha ya allah. sungguh kerepek. ingatkan both "air vehicles" tu nak berlanggar!


seram nokss!

catz said...


happy new year young pilot!
OH..ko duk kat antenna tuh mmg lah jadik dizzy..
high radiation of electromagnetic okey! magnetic field!
eh..pesen ko sama je kan??
seram gak story ko tuh...
hahhahaaaaaaa......takuts mak!