Friday, January 22, 2010

sori lama terabai

pliz hit me with a stick or a broom or with any solid object. I left this blorg unmanned. arrghh

I'm turning into some kinda lunatic lately. not bein cliche like typical poyo teenagers yg claim themselves to be in a sucky life just becoz bf/gf mendiamkan diri. fcuk u guys ahaha.

lately i started to make changes in my life. I no longer addicted to rice!! ahaha accomplished that. for me that is by far the biggest achievement i've ever done in terms of my food history. I can't live without rice, not even for few hours. now I'm still breathing without rice support for days!! and I think I'm slimming down now. cutting carbohydrates really makes me feel happier now

I dunno why my english suck. compared to them blorggers, they can just blorg on flawless english macam kao kao gyler. tension kalau bace blorg2 tersebut. arrghhh. and my mouth getting vulgar by day. thanks to piloting. I can't believed I've been influenced. coz I'm rarely influentiable. and i don't even know the last word of the previous sentence actually existed. shoot.

update on my life, as if I'm famous:
  • cutting down carb intakes
  • simulator lesson started ( snap! )
  • started to be more interested in self grooming, but only when I'm in uniform ahaha
  • addicted to Siti Nurhaliza, listening to her everynight. She's my sleep companion WTH
  • extremely obsessed to get into Fireflyz as a pilot. of coz.
now I started to think about getting a property in Kg. Melayu Subang. not a property, more like a room. tanak beli rumah area tu. only subang jaya. ahahaha. and i already decided how to decorate the room, what colour should the wall be painted, which Ikea furnitures to buy. trust me, my imagination skills are off the wall, I own a degree on imagination management, graduated with honours and currently working on my dissertation on Imagination in the society. wtf

another stupid obsession. while others dream of getting mercedes, bimmer, ferrari wtf, I just wanted a black Viva Elite. I'm driving myself around, how big a car should be right?? some more it fuel efficient. while are you soo willing to burn your money on petrol?? and by having a viva I'll challenge myself to not get lost in KL. driving in that big city always get me haywired. wtf. I'm a pilot and I'm clueless with roads?? takpe. still cadet ahaha

Ya Allah. why this post is soooo booring. Sila tumbok muke sendiri sekarang, arrghhhh

I wish my blorg can generate money ahahaha

3 pujaans:

catz said...


hahhaah..aku ingat aku sorang berjuang nak cut carbs, no RICE intake..
rupanya hang pun sama,
btw ko nampak kurus je..napa nak slim melim nih??
ko nak beli viva?
aku nak beli myVi.
weh...ko nak keje firefly? tuhhh..
aku belum pernah naik firefly.
dah grad ke belum ni?

Faisal Admar said...

my english sucks too. maybe, that's why i'm always get the satisfaction!

Faisal Admar said...

jeez! bend over now, i got a long thick stick in my hand. going to poke you till you know how to update!