Sunday, June 21, 2009

piloting & father's day

to all of my closest friends:

  • you may hate me for being boring
  • you may hate me for speaking aviation all the time now

i know, it's sickening. but this latest post is not filled up with nasty aviation terms. see, even my sentences pun dah makin hampeh and skema

welcome to my auntie, Chu the next follower of wongga ahahahahahaha.

the same very generic question being thrown to my face like rotten eggs, why did i choose piloting?? money issit? hot stewardess arrr????

ok not like others, i was not born to become a pilot, i grow up liking piloting. baru je minat bercambah. bagai bunga mekar di halaman. melampau lak ayat.

since i was the only one with no direction in life in my family ( making a false dramatic effect ), i decided to go with what others wants me to be. since my family contributed soo much in my life, coz dats wat they supposed to do rite?? ahahhaha.

like when i was in school, my father really wanted any of his kids to be a prefect, and since i was the last one standing amongst the siblings, i go for it and i became one.

and since i was the only one tall enuff (ahahahah) in da family and alhamdulillah i am the only one not wearing specs, soo i decided to become a pilot. yes. it's my father's wish too.

i dun mind doing it since i love it, my father love it, mama happy with it. since the parents' prayers are there, insyaAllah my task in obtaining CPL will be less burdenin. tapi kalau malas sama je kan??

so, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all fathers!

p/s: alhamdulillah since i started this aviation course, i am much more closer to my papa

pp/s: this post really makes me wanna force my future wife to labour 6 kids. ahahahahaha

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CATZ said...

good luck in everything..hope u'll become a sucessful pilot.