Saturday, April 25, 2009

ok ok i'm updating

ok fine now i'll update my blorg ok

its just dat none of u guys are kind enuff to comment
dats why i stopped blorggin for some while
but just a few minutes back i read comment from azura saying i nid to update me blorg
ok now i'm gettin it

most of my readers are lazy asses to comment ahahhahaha its sooo fun to insult someone i love.

since i got nothing to update, let me update to u on my life in piloting school
does the previous line makes me sound like i'm showing off??

now i've realized, havin only 7 underwears is not enuff! i thought by havin one for each day of a week is rather sufficient to keep me running. guess wat? more underwears is coming this months, since i'm scheduled to fly alhamdulillah mid may. cant wait.

let me share some stories. i've been tryin my best not to blorg in a very ah pek manner, since i started livin in dis island, more specifically in this institute, verbally i sounded more ah pek than ever. seriously!! for my foreign readers, which i'm longing to have few, ah pek is like a very low standard of courtesy and manner a person could be, in my case, i just sound like an ah pek, not behaved like one.

i'm in batch 25. my closest senior is batch 19. and great. they have just finished their course, eagerly to ciao. and great. i'll be spendin the rest of my days here alone, under the mango tree, reading a map, making friends with cats and feed on ubi kayu. thats how pathetic my life here. but, i'm very grateful ok with everythin, like some of my batchmates Ya Allah, soo ungrateful in a way that they keep on complaining for everythin. dah la u are under scholarship somemore, i expect u are the one who should kiss the toilet door everyday for being grateful, kan.

i love to be sarcastic, not la as sarcastic like some people here. people around here hates me alot. i dunno why. what do i care. britney spears was hated by all when she was young. yes i'm the next britney spears malaysia wakakak wongga wongga.

ahah, i'm gettin to the end of my 2nd phase in this course, meanin yes i got finals to study for and yes, i'm gonna be doin my flying training soon. yeeehah. some people just soo bitchly nervous of which model of aircraft they'll be usin for training. like daaa, whoo cares as long as u got planes to fly kan?? agree with me or not???

i've been considering a piloting career as the basic job and singing part time, doin shows around the country, promoting my songs wahahahah, on part time basis. will dis work?? ahahahaha

p/s: go to utube and browse for my video. i guess i got few

4 pujaans:

mike radcliffe said...

dah submt sume assgment..
nanti la aku gtau kalu sume prob dah selesai..

Olive said...

i think pilot is hot...
u r goin to b one sumday...

Anonymous said...

hehe.. now aku mencomment ur blorg.
kelakar la kau ni nak sentap jst fr the sake of org tak cmment kau punye blorg.

Eezwan Hijaz said...

kamu nih...ya it's ture a lot of people are very ungrateful with what they have...i know sum in my batchmates but dun want to tell names.

Hahaha...lantakler diorang yg 'bitchly nervous' tuh mcm batch saya kena pakai diamond tuk terbang, saya dahler terkejut pakai diamond terus lepas tuh bila bawak diamond teringin sgt nak bawak TB10 pulak. :-)