Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Virginity. Gone

If it's one thing that we were told since young which to be kept till the time comes, it's VIRGINITY. Truly agreeable with that subject as it will not come by your lifetime once it's broken. Torn into million of pieces. shattered off the wall. ceh sangat melampao. These days, kids are just tooo proactive they just can't wait, lack of abstinence and gone wasted. And I have chosen that same path. Sebab nak try ar kan. mesti puas. seronok. mengghairahkan. Mama aku pun x kesah.

By reading the first paragraph i may be arrested soon. By the morale correctioner or something. ahahaha. actually i have just broke my Clubbing virginity ahahhahahah hohohoho hehehe hahahahhahahaha

hello i didn't just went to the club and get hooohaaa for no intention. I went for a gig. a really good gig. Tengok la gambar kat bawah.

Before we head down to the club, a little mocktails or two will not harm, as mother will approve. had VIRGIN pina colada. ok laaaa. wonder why human will go for the alcoholic form. Yucks

partner in crime yg sangat sengal and meronta ronta " ramadhan weyh aku takot ar nak masuk club weyhh serious". Sape jugak yg gi clubbing mase form 5 dari maghrib smp midnite. tak ke kau tu. aku dulu budak baek. forever always be ahahhaha. By the way she is Ass-zura ahaha.

Someone who lives up to her name for not taking quality photos. azura sengal ahahahaha

It's palate pallete by the way. jln mesui off jalan nagasari. susur dari hotel istana senang. it's the go to place for a 6-latch-on-the- door toilet as posted previously. ( tangan aku saket weyh menaip!!)

the guilty pleasures. 2 drinks sum up to RM32++. takpe la. Bday treat Ass-zura. i like this name ahahhaha

jom kawen lari

Tipsy? noooooooooooooooooooot

Pelancong dari Tibet. Kat sane takde tempat cam changkat BB. ahahahhaa

introducing yo the dancefloor yo. This guy is TRULY AWESOME FREESTYLAH. He can rap just about anything that explodes from his mind. REALLY REALLY WORTH LOSING VIRGINITY. ?????? by the way did i say that this was a hip hop gig? ( plus free entrance yeeehah)

ermmm nadira? if not mistaken

What i've been anticipated for. 542. Gempak giler.

introducing Muhaimin, or wtv ur stage name will be. kau lepaskan kitorg masuk dgn senang. tq

A guy and lady name Gayle. Super sport and kelaka. pakai dress tp menari kencang cam dalam persembahan noraniza idris mase juara lagu tahun2 dahulu

Declaring a 3rd world war with this shit as it make me dizzy. TOO BRIGHT LIGHTS!

Tok bomoh perasap yg berjaya. nak tahu further more??? Go to the bawah link

Ok. Dara dah pecah. Tak berdarah. X mengerang pun. Will do it agaaaaaaaaaaain

Wongga bitch

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Shey Lokman™ said...

fark , pergi berdua tak ajak akuu ! hahaha