Thursday, March 3, 2011

the biggest loser. arghh

was really attracted from watching The Biggest Loser ( though truly despies the show since they lost too much weight and it makes me sickly envious looking at them ahaha). SHE LOST MORE THAN HALF HER INITIAL WEIGHT??????? bapak ar it reminded me when i succeededly lost nearly 33 kg in 2 months time and no shit i did it. From 88kg to 55kg. Those were the glorious days. and nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.............................

  • at home i weigh 75kg
  • at gym i weigh 78kg
so which one is the real deal? i guess scales in gyms are designed to make people feel the utmost miserable of themselves thus motivation to burn the calories will be turned on. in a very nasty manner. so which penimbang berat is telling the truth???

im entering this asshole phase of weight loss programme where nearly i'm not moving nowhere. its a normal shit which i've gone thru and hampir hampir lose hope. it will take me roughly 2 weeks (by experience), to see positive changes when i step on the nasty weight scale. should i go for my house one or at the gym? ahahhaa

finally met a blorgger friend which been long time pending for a meet up. Catz !!! u are my most favourite blorgger coz u gav me a dinner treat ahahaha. Pls set up a date where i can repay you back. by the way she just got back from bandung after countless trips to that foreign land ( and what is sooooo fascinating bout the place?? ). by the way again ahaha she is the one to be blamed for throwing all my diet plans off the window ahaha. check check check it out the photos below. i was only having at max 2 pieces of whole meal bread for dinner. not till that nite........................

I'm such a nice son. Brought mama just nearly everywhere during my spare time. Thanx Catz for the dinner at Black Canyon. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WALAUPUN BYK IMMIGRANT PELBAGAI BANGSA MENCARI REZEKI DISITU.

We had.... Tom yam excellente, green curry marvelous, another lauk tah ape tah which was devine, and mixed vege yg memang sedap despite ordinary physical appearance ahaha. Catz kau mmg bijak memilih tempat makan. Later on me at williams okeyyy

oh crap snap snap snap. I just being cursed by gluttony and indulged on too much food at 9pm!!
sepanjang dinner aku asyik complain badan makin gomoks. Catz was furious upon hearing me whining and she said "abis tu aku ni ape? tong dram?" aahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahah again i was confused that u're actually a shy shy reserved person in person

introducing the one and only Roha, oops silap. Catz!!!!!!!!!!!

she brought some treats from the trip, brownies kukus yg sadaaaaaaaap, pisang cheese pebende tah yg aku makan sorang2 ( dessert supposed to be a no no ), and jeans yg aku kirem which ended up mama yg pakai cause i just cant fit into it. sedeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. rite after dinner, she left us both stranded in the mall sbb rase kemaluan yg amat sgt. ayat yg sgt bunyi pelik. she was soo shy with us and ended up lepak at jambatan putrajaya sorang2 ahaha. kelaka la kau.

on the next monday i went to gym ( did i tell you how cool the gym in mid valley, with swimming pool n jacuzzi? ). supposedly it's the payday and i was thrilled to cocok my atm card. tettttttttttt gaji x masuk lg. i was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo upset. nothing can overwrite my sorrow. i was limping. not much money in the pocket since too much investment on the gym shit. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. went on the threadmill for 5 minutes. got soooo emotional n trus balek rumah ahaha pastu tido ahaha depressed ahahaha.

skang gaji dah masuk alhamdulillah. dah hilang dah depression. gonna give my cousin football boots treat. jangan nk demand mintak yg limited edition. got a wedding or two to attend with mama. gonna lose my virginity on the weekend. ?????. updates on the next post.

p/s: need to attend the cycling class. heard can lose 10kg in 1 session. sembang kemas je dorang. just to inform you can find me during bolly mix class every thursday. wongga wongga

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