Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sorry for being such a neglective blorgger

at first, the title of this blorg was Blabberings Of A Time Killer - Killing time til February. and yes it is already february. guess it's about time for me to bid a discreeet farewell, though i'm not abandonin da blorg. i'm gonna further my studies, in my DREAM COURSE!! wuhooo wongga2 Alhamdulillah all the patience and perseverence really worth it.

To all followers, which i myself neva expected to have any, thank you, thank you thank you for followin me blorg, not sure whether u actually read mine or not ahhahahahahah but u did follow. thank you merci beaucoup beaucoup ahahhaha perosak bahasa.

at first i had an idea to let sumone to pursue this blorggin, by assignin sumone to blorg on my behalf. then i think back, buat ape? it mine. i may not blorg for 1.5 years, but one day i will make a huge comeback even mimi's we belong together cant stand at the same height as mine

i'll be embarkin nex monday, to langkawi, really2 hope to blorg as frequent, cant promise u dat.

and as i said, it's a DISCREEET FAREWELL with bold red font ahahahhahaha

on day i'll hit em back up style!! yeahhhahah wongga wongga!!! Assalamualaikum

2 pujaans:

Anonymous said...

firstly, CONGRATS on getting the course of your dreams! i'll definitely miss your sarcasm in this blog..heheh.

take care adik! :p

cik murni izar said...

walaykumussalam. hu