Saturday, February 28, 2009

my first 2 weeks in piloting school


no laaa eventually everythin turned out to be fine. and fun afta i grabbed the idea of wat's goin on.

now i wanna story you all about my life since day 1. at the airport out of nowhere my uncle appeared infront of me eyes. coz he works in the lcct maintenance so he got free pass. after got brainwashed by him, i trully realized that this path of life of bein a pilot is not that easy course. its simple, enjoyable and fun if u know how to hit it right. now story story story wongga wongga!!

i arrived with my batchmate Rekha whom was on the same flight as mine. then we took taxi. oh myy mahal gyler kot for a short ass distance travel it cost me 12 hengget!!. luckily 2 org tau soo 6 hengget je la. ahahhahahah. then arrived in the skool. yes it is skool. when we reached there, only the private cadets has arrived, the mas cadets arrived like 2 hours after us!! tension kot ahhahaha no la. then masuk bilik. ok i'm not complaining as long as i got air cond in the room with balcony. and funny thing is, air cond is only on from 8 pm to 6 am. hampeh!! ahahhahahaha. after kemas mengemas wit my batchmates, we went to the cafeteria to eat la kan wat else. i did said wear formal, they refused, then i changed into casual. sampai2 jek at the cafeteria, kitorang kene halau. maloo kot. first day. waddever.

then got briefing wit by the ground instructor la everythin after the mas people arrived. thats why la us the privates close since beginning. nothing to talk until 5.45 pm.

5.45 pm:
it is mandatory to do physical training (PT) EVERY WEEKDAYS. yes we nid to run 4 i dunno like 3 km ahahahahaha. and surprisinly i truly enjoy it!!! best tau soo many complaining of not hving the privilege of doin their desired activity rather than bein pushed to jog. hello, imagine joggin in front of the beach!!! damn nice wey the view

next day or watever the day:
malas la nk ikot chronology, meanin day by day ok. malas penat and i nid to study after dis soo malas nk blorg dat much. soory i got commitment now ok.

starting class, i got 12 SUBJECTS!!! ahahahhahaha. at dis level only 12 subs in 4 papers la soo quite ok. at first i did cried and called my mama ok i felt dat i was lost, for no reason. then just study la. and now i got the hang of it!! yeah now i got my direction in studies and just want to excel in all subjects.

dis place is never like university. its like livin in asrama penuh wit aircond. and a littttle nmmore liberty.

aiyah tired la naak post somemore. nex week ok coz i got things to study. babai assalamualaikum

p/s: i got morning parade everyday at 7.50 b4 class. and yes. i nid to march ahahhahahaha. like askar. not soo la. enjoyin da time at least.

nex post, my trip to langkawi, not soo, just to kuah and cenang beach

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*ShZ* said...

hey!! good to know that you like it there!!!!

Faisal Admar said...

Whoa! Pilot is cute!