Sunday, July 19, 2009


this piece of post is highly based the inspiration of the solo flight i had this morning. below are the series of events that took place:

  • during taking off, strong cross wind and turbulence occur,
  • on my way to the training area, which i fly solo, i was caught up in the thick cloud,
  • my visibility went zero, i cant see anything, and i'm very near to the terrain, a.k.a bukit bukau ahahahaha. for almost a minute. and happened twice.
  • all that i can do is mengucap dua kalimah syahadah and hope nothing ugly happens.
if you are in my spot just now, what will u do:
  1. Cry??
  2. hoping some superman to come for a rescue??
  3. or stay strong and keep holding on??

i went with no 3. A tough decision to make actually. but i just need to be strong to face the fact that insyaAllah in future time when i become a commercial airline pilot, in any mishaps, i will not jump off the plane and say so long to the passengers? This post is targetted to those who really keen on aviation and decided that piloting is their career line to be.

p/s: if you cant imagine the fear i've gone through today, blindfold yourself and try to cross a busy road. inform me if you are alive, still.


4 pujaans:

Wahidah said...

alhamdulliah u still alive...syukur..tough time never last but tough people do..:)

m u r n i said...

wah! proud of u! :) bagus2! have faith. ritu tgk cite hape tah plane rosak. cam saspen jugak la. tringat kamu. huu. selamat bejuang eh. umi kim slm. :)

CATZ said...
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CATZ said...


i could imagine that..
hemm....scary kan..
i yg jadi penumpang as lately i kira frequent flyer kan pun rasa ngeri bacanya...
i pernah naik flight yg dr naik smapai le ke klia duk bergoyang2 saja..turbulant dan cuaca tak elok..
sampai peramugara/gari tak serve apa2 pun...sebab duk bergegar teruk..
takut gila ok..
catz doakan u berjaya dgn kerjaya lepas ni round de world lah kan...jgn lupa kawan2 di bawah ni..
syukur u selamat..
moga terus berjaya..tamat latihan dan terbanggggg...:)